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 Application: Langsikhepik - Enhancement Shaman (16/45/0)

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Application: Langsikhepik - Enhancement Shaman (16/45/0) Empty
PostSubject: Application: Langsikhepik - Enhancement Shaman (16/45/0)   Application: Langsikhepik - Enhancement Shaman (16/45/0) EmptySat Aug 23, 2008 7:14 am

Hi Geeks on Patrol,
Here's my application. I'll just post the questions and put my answers below.


* Nickname
* Level
* Class and Race
Tauren Shaman
* Talent spec
Enhancement (16/45/0)
* Proffesions
Skinning, Tribal Leatherworker
* Do you have Ventrilo?
Atm I'm using TS a lot, but i'll install ventrilo if needed.
* Is this you main character?
* List any seriously played alts
Imnotevil (68 frostmage)
Think (43 prot warr)
* Do you have a stable connection?
* Link to Armory profile, and explanation of anything that may not be readily apparent from your Armory profile (alternate sets of gear, currently PvP-specced, etc.)
URL linking doesn't seem to work, so i'll put it like this:

You as a player
* Age
* Nationality
* What are your usual playing hours? (Are there days/times when you are consistently unavailable?)
I mostly play after dinner, like around 20:00, then till i get tired at 3am or so. In holidays i play during the day too.
* Previous WoW experience, both Pre-tbc and Tbc. (End-game instances such as AQ, Naxx, SSC and so on)
Started wow after tbc release. Done about half of kara and doing heriocs a lot. Never had the chance to clear kara.
* Connections (Do you know anyone in Geeks?)
Have been talking to Elyniel a bit.
* Guild and/or Guild History, with explanation of why and how you left and joined your current or prior guilds
Left twisted minds because of early raiding times and slow progress.
* Reasons for wanting to join Geeks on Patrol
First of all, the sweet name Smile
Furthermore, I have looked up Geeks on and thought that the progress made by Geeks suits my current gear & interest.
* Tell us why we should invite you, and what you can bring to our guild?
I'm a team player who likes doing instances and raids a lot and I'm online a lot of the time.
Gamewise, I've specced my shammy to be as best enhancing party members' stats.
* Other (anything else you want to share with us
I'm a geek Wink
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Application: Langsikhepik - Enhancement Shaman (16/45/0) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application: Langsikhepik - Enhancement Shaman (16/45/0)   Application: Langsikhepik - Enhancement Shaman (16/45/0) EmptySat Aug 23, 2008 12:29 pm


I would like to let you know i would like to undo this application.
The reason for this is that i joined the nomads. It seems they sent me a confirmation mail which landed into my spambox and was there for days...

Gl with the guild
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Application: Langsikhepik - Enhancement Shaman (16/45/0)
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